#MH17 : SAYU DAN HIBA!!! Satu Nukilan Yang Menyentuh Perasaan!!!

Kita tidak mengenali mereka, kita tidak pernah bersua, namun menyelami isi hati keluarga mereka apatah lagi "suasana ngeri" yang dialami mangsa pastinya membuatkan air mata kita mengalir tanpa dipaksa. Ikuti satu nukilan yang pasti mencuit hati dan perasaan kita sebagai manusia biasa....

"I do not know them but as I pen this message my eyes are filled with tears. May God bless you all. 
Woke up feeling very empty today.. I was left heart broken when MH 370 went missing. But MH 17 has shattered my heart into a million pieces.. This tragedy has a greater impact on me on a personal level.  

Azrina.. sweet & kind Azrina. My UITM classmate & friend. Sama2 bersusah payah berhempas pulas for nearly 5 years as a 'mahasitua' for our degree. So many bittersweet memories together. She would've graduated in a few months time. 

Fazlin.. I will miss u in our groupchat. Terbayang2 lagi our SEP class last week. "Hazie, ko partner dgn aku ya masa swimming nanti.." 

"Eh hello.. ko x nampak ke badan aku besar mana, badan ko tu besar mana? Ada hati nak tarik aku. Xde xde xde.. Nanti dua2 tenggelam!" 

"Alaa.. boleh la.. aku mana ada kurus!!" 

But in the end I did partner up with her. We laughed & screamed in the pool so much coz we were so tired having to do the wet drill in Ramadhan. 

The next day on 10/7 I flew with Hui Pin to Melbourne. We worked together in Zone C. The IFS was not happy with the EY crew. As the coordinator, she stood up for us against the irrational IFS. Never expected soft spoken Hui Pin would stand up for us the way she did. I really admired & respected her for that.

Dora.. Muka memang garang tapi hati baik. We flew together a number of times recently. But the one I remember the most was the flight to Beijing two weeks after MH 370 went missing. Tumpang bangga dengar dia cerita how well her beloved daughter is doing in one of the best boarding schools in the country. 

Shazana.. though I flew with u only once this year, I remember u well. U're very good with people & our smile really brightens up a room.  

Sanjid.. I still remember u anI were among the 7 or 8 people camping in one room in KK during our 737 days because someone started telling ghost stories & in the end, everyone got scared. Hilarious time that was.  

Ghafar.. One of my favourite IFS. I always look forward to flying with him. He has my utmost respect for his principals. If I remember correctly, he lost his son to an illness a few years ago. I shed my tears with his family then, I shed my tears with them again today.  

Al-Fatihah & rest in peace my dearest friends. I'm going to miss all of u very2 much. It's going to take forever to heal this wound.

AL FATIHAH buat mereka... Tq HAZIE HARUN atas perkongsian rasa ini.
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