HIMPUNAN MERAH : Awas Dengan Ekploitasi Pihak Tertentu!!!

Teringat Timbalan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang cabar dimulakan 13 Mei.

Katanya Melayu hanya cakap saja. Sebaik saja Himpunan Merah ini nak mula, hairan melihat kaum cina bersikap hipokrit dan tidak konsisten dengan pendirian mereka untuk Bersih 4.0.
Malahan ada pihak sudah exploitasi himpunan merah untuk takut-takutkan kaum cina dan tegangkan hubungan antara kaum. Samada ini benar atau tidak, betul atau dibuat-buat, ini yang dilakukan. Cuma tujuan sebenar penulis mesej tidak dapat dipastikan ...

Got a disturbing message fr another WA group on the red shirt malay menace. 
[07/09 15:07] Betty Tiew: This morning Joanne and I sent Carmen to school in Sg Long, it was very jam , traffic moved very slowly , suddenly one of Red T Shirt approached our car and started to hit on our car.
All indication of provocative act target on Chinese. So be careful when driving in KL this two weeks. We observe many Malays now are cladded with Red T shirt roaming around KL and try all they can to start provocative act
[07/09 15:07] Betty Tiew: Msg received from my other group chat:-
Below my fren's son experience. Pls heed advice.
Dear all, be careful when u r driving alone nowadays, some UMNO youngster is targeting Chinese drivers who are driving alone.
They will normally travel in a small group or 3-4 ppl and try to provoke you. I've experienced it myself this very morning, driving on slowly and suddenly a modified Honda Civic with Malay youngster of 3-4 ppl trying to provoke and stop me by the shoulder of highway.
I did not stop and insisting of traveling with normal speed. Drive my way to the nearest mobile police station by sticking to the traffic. Finally I managed to trick them to stop and I sped off by switching lane through heavy traffic and then run away from them. Be very alert now especially at night. 
Tell your children to b alert when driving alone.
[07/09 15:11] Betty Tiew: Dear all, just received the above msg fr one of my classmate. Do b careful n avoid provocation.
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