PANASSS!! Posting Balas Melayu Di FB Obama Jawab CHIN PENG!!

PERHATIAN!!! Ini bukan "Posting" BB tapi dipetik dari facebooker MELAYU PERKASA. Jom kita baca apa yang dipostnya ke wall Presiden Amerika, Barack Obama.

Cinabeng ni ingat dia seorang saja boleh complain pada Obama, aku pun boleh...aku dah hantar tulisan aku ni ke FB Barack Obama. Padan muka cinabeng ni..dia ingat bagus sangat ker dia punya bangsa yang membangsat di Malaysia ni..

To President Obama, just to remind you that we as the Malay race and other indigenous people of the Malay Peninsula (Tanah Melayu) together with Sabah & Sarawak (in Borneo), support the actions that were taken by the Westerners in United States and Europe in the early of 20th century by stopping mass migration of chinese people from their mainland China. If they were not been stopped and chased out from your country, the same situation would have happened in United States by now. 

Chinese are stubborn people that hardly want to assimilate and mix with the natives and still living in their own cocoon using their own language, having their own schools and distinct culture within their own group of people. 

They are now creating countless of trouble in Malaysia as instigators to divide and rule the native peoples in terms of our culture and main religion (Islam). Chinese are also well known to relate with gangsterism, kidnapping, black mail, drug cartel, business monopoly, prostitution and etc. since the beginning of their early arrivals during British colonization over Malaysia.

Malaysia had learned a lot and realized that it was a BIG MISTAKE that they were given FREE CITIZENSHIP during our independence in 1957. We are giving them a free citizenship in return for them to accept Islam as our official religion and oblige to the Malays rights. 

However, this social contract has been betrayed by them who are consistently challenging and creating controversial issues and conflicts to deny our rights. So, it is just fair for us who has been stabbed and betrayed, to return them to their beloved homeland where they can preach and practice whatever they want. 

We Muslim and Malays has the absolute right to do it because Malaysia is also known as Malay Penincular (Tanah Melayu), the surrounding is called the Malay Archipelago (Gugusan Kepulauan Melayu), is our homeland and is never, and will never belong to the Chinese.

So, Mr President, if you heard any complaint from the Malaysian Chinese, just tell them to return back to their ancestor's country of origin in mainland China if they don't feel satisfied. Thank you for your time, Mr President.
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  2. saya pun link blog tuan

  3. memey btol apa chin peng ckp pasal barisan nasional..perghh..chin peng x cakap pon pasal chinese lerr...xtau sapa racist kat sini


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