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Hi my friends in bilik gerakan banjir KBS (Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan), my mission to interior areas of upper pahang areas hit by the flood was very successful. 

We met the people the youth and the elderly kampung folks, managed to console them and cheer them up.  Food supply is really scare and almost deplete. We manage to bring the food supplies and unfortunate we cannot carry all that our MBM (Majlis Belia Malaysia)  has prepared in lipis due to extremely bad whether. 

I will share the video clips and photos to the bilik gerakan, and you will see how bad is this flood. I think this is the worst flood I ever seen in all my life. 

The most happy part of my trip is the people in the interior pahang really really appreciate KBS, MBM and government.

All along this flood operation under Misi Belia Perihatin KBS - MBM I must say that MBM really manifest its role as youth national body that represent the young people of malaysia. At this difficult time and where helping hand is needed at every corner of the nation, we can see that MBM has truely  flexed its muscle and moves its people and associates at almost every place all over the nation.

Show of caurage, very high degree of commitment, mature and able leadership at all level has proved, MBM is a true partner of national youth development.

Every where it operates under this mission, it carry YB KJ, KBS and the goverment. We must also say that our brother officer all over the nation are also deeply involved in the gerakan banjir with high sense of responsiblity, they respond, plan, implement and coordinates this banjir operation at all level dedicatedly.

We really appreciate our brother officers from team KBS and MBM. Bravo you all has help the people and the government.

Engku Mohd Azmi Engku Mohd Basri
Deputy General Director
National Youth And Sport Department
Cum Secretary for
Secretariat of Belia Prihatin KBS - MBM
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