TUMPAS!! Dalang Utama Sindiket Sim Kad Dan Online Banking Diberkas!!

Dalam penulisan sebelum ini, BB ada berkongsi nasib malang yang menimpa jiran berhubung sindiket yang menceroboh sistem Online Banking beliau serta sim kad telefon (KLIK SINI). Dan hari ini, polis telah berjaya menahan dalang utama berbangsa Afrika berumur 28 tahun yang dipercayai telah memperoleh lebih daripada RM100 ribu melalui kegiatan tersebut.

Berikut laporan daripada The Star :

Federal Commercial Crimes Investigation Department director Comm Datuk Syed Ismail Syed Azizan said the syndicate used software to hack a victim’s online bank account and gain important financial details.

They would then obtain a victim’s personal details such as MyKad numbers before reporting the SIM card stolen.

They would then pose as the victim, and use the new SIM card to obtain the TAC (transaction authorisation codes) required for online transaction before transferring a victim’s savings to an account belonging to another syndicate member.

Comm Syed Ismail said the case was uncovered when a 35-year-old administration officer reported the loss of RM5,000 on Aug 5.

"The victim revealed that his SIM card was not working two days prior to discovering the theft.

"We believe this was when the suspects hijacked his SIM card," he told a press conference in Bukit Perdana Wednesday.

Comm Syed Ismail said police investigated the case for about a month before finally tracking down the syndicate's mastermind in Bandar Sunway.

"We also detained his accomplices, a man and a woman, both Malaysians.

"We believe the syndicate is responsible for 10 such cases resulting in RM100,200 worth of losses to the victims," he said adding that the African man was out on bail for a 2011 Internet scam offence.

Comm Syed Ismail advised the public to diversify their online passwords for Internet banking and social media sites.

"Telcos provider must also practice stricter regulations when replacing SIM cards," he said.

- The Star
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